RevOps Solutions for Healthcare Tech Companies

Whether you’re dealing with providers, patients, administration, or the public, we can assess your current processes and design a best practice approach that will reduce friction and increase momentum for more wins.  

Ramp Revenues HubSpot-certified RevOps wizards can help align your business with the latest revenue operations concepts and tailor a bespoke process based on proven methods and experience.  With our experience in the healthcare industry, we are an invaluable partner for any healthcare technology company looking to improve operations and drive scaleable growth.


What We Offer?

sales & marketing

Marketing and sales

We help businesses develop and execute marketing and sales strategies that generate leads and close deals.

Customer Success

We help businesses deliver exceptional customer service that keeps customers happy and engaged.


We help businesses improve their IT operations by streamlining processes, automating tasks, and implementing best practices.

What Our Clients Say​

Andrew B. CRO | IT Consulting

Working with RR was a fantastic experience. They acted as a true extension of our team. They listened to our needs & brought thoughtful recommendations that were ultimately developed to meet our overall business objectives. The bulk of our RevOps needs have been deployed & they're now working with the Service side of our business. So glad we can continue to use them as a resource.

Chris W. COO | Financial Services

Working with Ramp Revenues was a pleasure from the very start. They are critical problem solvers, ask the right questions, and follow-through quickly on what is promised. They are a top notch group and will shepherd you through your HubSpot challenges. 10/10 recommend them to anyone looking for help of any kind with HubSpot or the various systems that connect to HubSpot.

Matt H. CGO | Healthcare Services

Ramp Revenues is great to work with. They are responsive, flexible, and know their stuff. They have been as much a marketing ops consultant as a HubSpot do-er. Michael’s helping design our lead management process at the moment. He’s developed relationships with internal stakeholders which has been helpful to me as a marketing leader. He also makes sure we document all of our work.

Jason W. CEO & Founder | Gifting Industry

We needed a Senior professional with Hubspot experience to come in review, recommend, and manage the Account Executives, and the implementation of our Hubspot flows. They were organized, communicated well, implemented our plan, and offered tweaks to improve. We rolled them out and the implementation went well. I would hire them again in an instant. Highly recommend.

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