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We provide a wide range of premium services for the rapidly-growing business.

Our Services Sales & Marketing Consultation

MarTech & CRM Solutions

As marketing automation technology experts, we utilize our technical understanding of MarTech & CRM Solutions to ensure that each system is fully functional to help grow your business. We assist those new to the platform, and also experienced users looking to utilize CRM more effectively to attract, convert, and retain more clients. Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Platform setup and configuration
  • Data management
  • Lead, contact, and deal flow
  • Marketing automation processes
  • Sales CRM and process flows
  • Website domain integration

Our Technology Partners:​

Our Technology Partners:​

Kixie Call Tracking 

Easily prioritize your day’s sales calls, make calls directly from your browser, and automatically track them in your CRM.

Call Integration Tools:


Voice and SMS is exploding in the sales world for good reason: Your sales team can connect with your leads directly and have engaging conversations. Kixie is an excellent AI-powered platform that automates outreach and includes a full telephony stack, including call queues, call transfers, IVR, and more. Most notably, it integrates perfectly with your CRM, so you can maintain an organized sales process that collects all your customer interactions in one place. With the automatic dialer, local presence tool, automated triggers, and real-time call coaching, your sales team can spend more time building relationships and hitting your revenue goals. Use Kixie for:
  • Creating a local presence to connect with leads.
  • Automating text messaging and calling to streamline operations.
  • Tracking and recording phone calls in our CRM.
  • Leaving engaging voicemails with one click.

Automatically track and log sales calls in your CRM

Say goodbye to manually logging calls. Automatically logs every call to HubSpot CRM or Salesforce. When you track calling activities, you enable managers to efficiently coach reps with conversation intelligence that provides transcription for keyword searching, call commenting, and call analysis. This means your sales teams are always iterating, improving, and selling better.